Civil-Law Notarial Services


Civil-Law Notary Public

Attorney Marc Feldman is one of only a few attorneys-at-law in the State of Florida and in the entire United States also holding a commission as a Civil-Law Notary. As a true Civil-Law Notary, Mr. Feldman can provide his clients (especially his international clients) with a full suite of Civil-Law services, including the issuance Authentic Acts and the resolution of noncontentious private civil law matters. This includes drafting, taking, and recording legal instruments for private parties, providing legal advice, and giving attendance in person.

As a Civil-Law Notary, Mr. Feldman is a vested public officer with the authentication power of the State of Florida. This is not to be confused with a common-law notary public. As a Civil-Law Notary, Mr. Feldman is trained and licensed practitioner providing a full range of regulated legal services; although he holds a public office as a Civil-Law Notary, he operates in private practice with the firm of Feldman & Roback. As described above, the international practice of the firm in the Civil-Law arena includes residential and commercial conveyancing and registration, contract drafting, company formation, successions and estate planning, and powers of attorney. This also includes drafting, authenticating, and registering certain types of transactional or legal instruments. In compliance with statutory requirements, the firm also retains and keeps a minute copy of all instruments which are held in the form of a notarial protocol, in perpetuity. Further information regarding the function and role of a Civil-Law Notary can be found here:

Mr. Feldman is knowledgeable as a Civil-Law Notary in a broad spectrum of private law including family law, estate and testamentary law, conveyancing and property law, the law of agency, and contract and company law. Please contact him directly regarding any civil-law notary requirement whilst here in the United States.