Estate Planning and Administration


Wills & Trusts

Our firm provides estate planning services, including the preparation of Wills and Living Trusts. Attorney Marc Feldman is a member of Wealth Counsel, a premier consortium of estate planning professionals in the United States (for information on that organization, please visit

Powers of Attorney

In addition to the preparation of Wills and Trusts, we also draft Durable Powers of Attorney, allowing an individual to grant another person the legal right and authority to make personal, financial, and many other decisions in the name and behalf of that individual. This is typically done either for convenience or as a precaution against the possibility of physical or mental disability which might otherwise require court appointment of a legal guardian.

Living Wills & Health Care Directives

As part of the estate plan and in addition to Wills, Trusts, and Durable Powers of Attorney, we provide Health Care Directives (Living Wills) for our clients, allowing them to express their wishes and give guidance to others regarding their health care choices and end-of-life decisions. The Living Will appoints someone as a “Health Care Surrogate,” to be the person’s advocate and decision maker in the event that person becomes unable to make health care decisions for themselves.

Probate & Estate Administration

Upon “maturity” of the estate plan (which is a diplomatic reference to an individual’s death), we are able to assist the fiduciary and the family with efficient estate administration, whether that be as successor Trustee of a Living Trust or as Personal Representative of a probate estate.